Kevin’s irrigation system

“The water pressure I get is the same as I would get from any hose – I can shoot it 50 feet! Yes, the pump uses electricity, but the amount is minuscule and we don’t notice a difference on our electricity bill, but we sure do notice a difference on our water bill!” Kevin

Kevin’s problem was both practical and logistical – an outdoor tap placed on an inconvenient side of the house was causing him problems. Dragging a hose across his lawn meant that his kids’ bikes were constantly running over it, causing cracking and safety concerns. He already had rain barrels, but found it difficult to continually empty them which resulted in overflows and soggy grass.

When Kevin found a used cistern for $50 he knew he could solve his problems. He used the following stormwater solutions:

  • 900L Cistern
  • Wooden support platform
  • Electric pump to the cistern (purchased at a local hardware store)

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