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Home Reno Rebates

Home Reno Rebate banner

Rebates for electrically heated homes extended to December 31, 2018!

You can still qualify if you have your initial evaluation before the end of the year.

Full details for fuel heated homes and electrically heated homes

The Home Reno Rebate program now includes homes heated by electricity. So now all individually heated dwellings can qualify. And there are now incentives for air source heat pumps and five major appliances.

Get up to $5,000 back when you renovate!

If you own a single family dwelling (house, semi-detached or townhouse) or a duplexed house, you can receive up to $5,000 in home reno rebates for upgrades that improve energy efficiency!

While the program is operated by Union Gas in partnership with Save on Energy and the Province of Ontario’s Green Ontario Fund, it is open to homeowners using any type of heat source. In Waterloo Region, it also means that Kitchener Utilities customers are eligible.

Full details for fuel heated homes and electrically heated homes

Home energy evaluations included in rebates

Your rebate includes up to $600 towards completing the mandatory initial and follow-up evaluations.  So if you make upgrades in at least 2 categories, you get 100% of your evaluation costs back.

We’re a charity. No HST!

As a charity, Reep Green Solutions is not required to charge HST.

Special price for Kitchener Utilities Customers

If you are a Kitchener Utilities customer, it offers you a subsidy for this service. If that includes you, the special price is $500 for both evaluations. Since the rebate covers the complete cost of this service, you get the expertise of a Reep Green Solutions Registered Energy Advisor to guide your home energy upgrades with no additional charges.

Timeline for evaluations and work

  • complete a pre-renovation energy evaluation before starting any renovations
  • make 2 or more upgrades in 2 or more categories for making your home more energy efficient
  • complete a post-renovation energy evaluation within 120 days of the initial evaluation

Contact Reep Green Solutions to find out more.

Hire the Home Energy Coach

Our Home Energy Coach is available to be hired by you if you seek more comprehensive advice such as how to maximize your rebate by doing more than 2 upgrades or get help creating a game plan for your major renovation project.

Get started now! 

Call 519-744-9799 to book an evaluation

We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have!

Together, we are making an impact!

See the impact made by Home Energy Evaluations on the environment and local economy!

We are a licensed service organization

Reep Green Solutions provides EnerGuide Homes evaluations across Waterloo Region and most of southwestern Ontario under an agreement with Green Communities Canada.

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