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Home Renovation Contractors

If you live in Waterloo Region, this list is a starting point for helping to choose a contractor that serves Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and the townships of North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich.

This list is mainly meant to be a starting point for your research into making energy efficient upgrades involved in the Home Reno Rebate program. We have a separate list with your renewable energy options.

Reep Green Solutions recommends that you get quotes from at least three contractors, and that you get a written contract to ensure price and quality.

Please let us know about your experience. This will help ensure the quality of our listed contractors.  Listing a service provider or product supplier does not constitute a recommendation by Reep.

Contractors certify that they:

  • Hold all relevant licenses to perform the work they offer
  • Hold liability insurance for at least $2 million
  • Comply with all applicable laws, standards and manufacturer’s instructions
  • Will remove waste generated from the work from the property
  • Will talk to you and your energy advisor if there are differing opinions regarding the recommendations from your home energy evaluation

Any contractor who meets these standards is welcome to apply for a listing.

The contractors are divided into categories of specialization. Click on the link for that category:

Heating & Cooling Contractors
Window Wise Contractors
More Window Contractors
Insulation Contractors
General Contractors
Other Contractors




Heating & Cooling Contractors

AfterglowWaterloo(519) 747-7732Email
All Weather Air Systems Inc.Waterloo(519) 884-1705
1 (877) 784-1705
Arthur`s Heating & CoolingKitchener(519) 572-2939Email
Bast Home ComfortWaterloo
(519) 725-2440
(519) 621-0379
Email (Waterloo)
Email (Cambridge)
Conestogo Mechanical Inc.Kitchener(519) 579-6740Email
Delta Air SystemsWaterloo(519) 885-2740Email
Dunn Heating & Air ConditioningWaterloo
(519) 746-6000
(519) 767-0965
Hogg Heating & Air ConditioningKitchener(519) 772-2010
1 (800) 265-8723
Not Available
Jas 3 Ltd.Kitchener(519) 741-8643Email
Murray Young EnterprisesGuelph(519) 763-0459Email
Oosterveld Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.Guelph(519) 837-2351Email
Reitzel Heating & Air ConditioningWaterloo(519) 884-3510Email
Upper Grand Refrigeration, Heating & A/C Inc.Fergus(519) 843-6397
1 (877) 768-2757
K-W Mechanical CorpMillbank(519) 571-3878
1 (226) 778-7527




Window Wise Contractors

In addition to agreeing to the terms listed above, these local window contractors are registered with Window Wise — a quality assurance program that independently audits, trains and certifies window contractors and manufacturers.

Abelson Siding & WindowsWaterloo(519) 885-2222 (K-W)
(519) 621-1592 (Cambridge)
(519) 822-1818 (Guelph)
Beingessner Home ExteriorsSt. Jacobs(519) 664-2346Email
PM Windows & DoorsKitchener(519) 576-8327 (Kitchener)
(519) 824-0009 (Guelph)
Fireside Windows and DoorsThorndale(519) 474-7100Email



More Window Contractors

Members of the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada (SAWDAC).

Ball Exteriors Ltd.Guelph(519) 824-0727Email
Clera Windows & DoorsConcord1-866-262-3110Email
Lo-Mac EnterprisesFergus(519) 843-3323Email
Bavarian WindowsKitchener(519) 578-3938Email
Shade Plus Inc.Elora(519) 846-2509 Email
Waymar Inc.Hawkesville(519) 699-4236Email



Insulation Contractors

Just Foam InsulationKitchener(519) 895-3900Email
Future Insulation SystemsCambridge(519) 654-9344Email
Grand River InsulationWaterloo(519) 742-4100
1 (877) 742-4105
Great Northern InsulationWoodstock1 (800) 265-1914Not Available
Modern Spray SystemsBreslau(519) 212-2357Email
Reitzel InsulationWaterloo(519) 886-6100
1 (800) 265-8869
Rock Drywall Interiors Ltd.Fergus(519) 843-3626Email



General Contractors

General contractors are involved in all aspects of home renovation and building, from design to construction.

Billings ConstructionAriss(519) 766-8342Email
Chaplin Renovation & ConstructionGuelph(519) 829-8125Email
J. Janssen ConstructionFergus(519) 787-2885Email
Joe Smeltzer ConstructionFergus(519) 787-0815Email
Keith's ContractingFergus(519) 843-2694Email
Ladd ConstructionFergus(519) 843-3300Email
Menno S. Martin Contractor Ltd.St. Jacobs(519) 664-2245Email (Trent)
Email (Mark)
Pioneer Craftsmen Ltd.Kitchener(519) 743-4461 (Kitchener)
(519) 822-2709 (Guelph)
Woodhouse GroupKitchener(519) 749-3790Email
Blom ContractingKitchener(519) 716-0014 [email protected]Email
Schellenberg ContractingWaterloo(519) 572-9793
[email protected]



Other Contractors

These are contractors that specialize in certain products or aspects of home renovations.

TBHI Windows & Doorswindows, doors, siding,
Sunscope™, WeatherDek™,
Cambridge(519) 622-4234Email

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