Licensed Water Well Contractors


The following is a list of licensed well contractors operating in and around Waterloo Region. Some contractors are members of the Ontario Ground Water Association (O.G.W.A.), and information about that organization can be found on their website.

ContractorO.G.W.A. MemberCityClass of LicenseContact
Jantzi Plumbing Inc.RAIN checkmarkWellesley4(519) 656-3030
Hanlon Well Drilling Ltd.RAIN checkmarkGuelph1,4(519) 763-8239
1 (877) 558-5505
Aardvark Drilling Inc.RAIN checkmarkGuelph1,2,3,4(519) 826-9340
1 (877) 726-9340
Johnson & Baetz Well Boring Co. Ltd.RAIN checkmarkWaterford2,4(519) 443-0045
1 (800) 465-4418
W.D. Hopper & SonsRAIN checkmarkSeaforth1,2,3,4(519) 522-1737
1 (888) 522-1737
Advance Pump and Tank Ltd.Cambridge4(519) 623-0005
BJD Water SystemsSt. Clements4(519) 699-4605
Altech Drilling & Investigative ServicesRAIN checkmarkElmira1,2,3(519) 664-3331
Jim Wilson Well DrillingRAIN checkmarkWaterloo1,2,3,4(519) 648-2412
Martin Well Drilling Inc.RAIN checkmarkAlma1,4(519) 338-5548 (Jeff)
(519) 638-8928 (Mike)
(519) 846-9162 (Len)
Email (Jeff)
Email (Mike)
Email (Len)
Martin’s Water
Systems Ltd.
RAIN checkmarkElmira2,4(519) 664-2580
Well InitiativesRAIN checkmarkElora1,3,4 (519) 846-8289
Noll Drilling Inc.RAIN checkmarkBreslau1,2(519) 893-6935
Tom Gowing Water Treatment Sales & ServiceCambridge4(519) 658-5552
Hammond Plumbing & HeatingKitchener4(519) 894-3222 (Kitchener)
(519) 653-1121 (Cambridge)
Weitzel Pumps & Water TreatmentRAIN checkmarkShakespeare4(519) 625-8332
Weber Environmental ServicesRAIN checkmarkBreslau4(519) 648-2510
Well DoctorRAIN checkmarkElora3,41 (877) 593-5537

Hiring a Well Contractor

When hiring a well contractor, it is important to ensure that they hold the correct class of license for the type of well they will be working on. All well contractors need to be licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Be sure to ask to see a copy of their license when you are considering hiring a contractor to work on your well. Make sure the license is current, and covers your class of well (see below).

Service Guide Code

Class 1 – Drilling (and for work on a drilled well)

Class 2 – Boring/Digging (for work on a dug or bored well)

Class 3 – Other Well Construction

Class 4 – Pump Installation and Caps (some plumbers have this license)

A licensed well contractor may hold a combination of one or more classes depending on the classes held by the technicians employed. Thus, someone with classes 2 and 4 would be licensed to work on bored/ dug wells, and also to install pumps and caps. Someone with only a class 4 license can only install pumps and caps and cannot drill wells.

Note that all well contractor licenses expire on March 31 each year.

The Ontario Ministry of Environment has an online list of licensed well contractors.

Well Records

Copies of well records may be obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Environment by calling 1 (888) 396-9355, or may be downloaded at no cost from here.

Some older wells were never registered with the Ministry, and thus records may not be available for every well.

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