RAIN Coach

The RAIN Coach works with homeowners to find ways to beautify their landscape and manage rain on their properties. She will provide ongoing support for people from an initial evaluation through to the landscape design and implementation phases, including advice on how best to maintain their new rain smart features.

For the past two years, the RAIN Coach has been concentrating efforts in two Kitchener neighbourhoods as part of a strategy to motivate community action to achieve stormwater diversion. You can learn more about that project in our much anticipated RAIN Smart Framework for Municipalities!  This framework includes ready-to-use templates and resources on how to build a program to engage a residential neighbourhood on lot-level stormwater management.


View More: http://lindsayhiattphotography.pass.us/springgulchBecca Robinson is the Principal Designer and Owner of Grow and Gather Design and is currently the RAIN Coach for REEP Green Solutions.  Her practice of landscape architecture centres around the creation of places that promote and celebrate the benefits of interacting with nature.

She has been the landscape designer for prestigious projects such as Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre, a City of Edinburgh park adjacent to the Holyrood Palace (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge (DRIWR).  She has a Masters of Landscape Architecture from University of Michigan and a B.S. in Environmental Science from University of North Carolina.

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