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RAIN program

We are your source for learning how to make your homebusiness or organization ready to manage rain. Our work includes a RAIN Smart Neighbourhood project project in two Kitchener neighbhourhoods. We also work with other municipalities such as to encourage storm water credit applications in Waterloo.

Check out our Rain News page to learn more about our recent work.

local grand riverWhy do we need a RAIN program in Waterloo Region?

Every time it rains a host of bacteria, chemicals, fuels and heavy metals wash off our lawns, driveways, sidewalks and streets, running straight into lakes and rivers via the underground storm sewer system, increasing stream bank erosion and creating hazards for swimming and aquatic life. Learn more about this problem.

RAIN is an urban stormwater education program with the goal of safeguarding surface and groundwater resources. It provides practical solutions to help you reduce the quantity and improve the quality of the water that flows from your property. This award-winning program is operated in several regions of Ontario such as Reep Green Solutions in Waterloo Region.

Let’s do something about it!

But what exactly can individuals do about such a big issue? Most of the land in urban areas is privately owned. The small changes that you and your neighbours make on your individual properties add up to big changes. If everyone does something small, the impact will be big, with the ultimate goals being swimmable beaches, fishable rivers and vibrant urban rivers and lakes.

What you can do

We offer programs to help homes be rain smart and offer solutions for business.

So do your part to:

Slow it Down     Soak it Up      Keep it Clean

Or adopt a storm drain!

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