Incentives for homes involved in our RAIN Smart Neighbourhoods project

Our RAIN Smart Neighbourhoods project in Lakeside and Mount Hope is off to a great start. We want to encourage homeowners in these neighbourhoods to find one or more projects that make their home smarter about how it manages rain, melting snow and other precipitation.

We’d like to see as many homes as possible participate because all of these individual actions contribute to preparing your neighbourhood to collectively be more resilient in handling the extreme storms that are becoming more frequent as a result of climate change. So we are offering incentives to help you do your part!

We have incentives for capturing rain water and for landscaping solutions that soak it up. Be sure to read the terms and conditions.

The rebates are available on a first come, first served basis. We’ll advise you on when the incentives are running out so you can get your projects done while they are still available.

Looking to hire a contractor?

Slow it down!

Incentives for capturing rain water

Solutions that qualify:

  • Cisterns
  • rain barrels*

* There is a maximum limit of 100 rain barrel incentives shared between Mount Hope and Lakeside (1 per household).

1,500 L or more $500
800 L to 1,499 L $150
799 L or less $25

How to qualify for incentives to ‘SLOW it DOWN”

First – Obtain an application from REEP Green Solutions by downloading from website, requesting a copy by email, or picking one up in person


  • Purchase your rain barrel or cistern. Make sure and keep the dated proof of purchase.
  • Take a BEFORE photo

If you need help: Attend a workshop on rain barrel installation or take a tour of REEP House for Sustainable Living (optional)


  • Install the rain barrel at a downspout, ensuring that any overflow is directed away from the home or the neighbour’s property.
  • Take an AFTER photo

Get Rewarded

Soak it up!

Incentives for landscaping solutions

Projects that qualify:

  • rain gardens
  • bioswales
  • infiltration galleries
  • permeable paving
2,500 L or more $1,500
1,500 to 2,499 L $1,250
800 L to 1,499 L $750
799 L or less $100

How to qualify for incentives to ‘SOAK it UP”


  • Obtain an application
  • Obtain a ‘Greening Your Grounds’ workbook
  • Attend an introductory design workshop


  • Purchase your rain barrel or cistern. Make sure and keep the dated proof of purchase.
  • Take a BEFORE photo

If you need help (optional)


  • Decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire a contractor
  • Provide a progress report 30 days after the application has been approved. Submit DURING photos if your project has already broken ground.
  • Complete the work within 60 days of approval. (After 60 days the incentive will no longer be reserved, although it can still be attained on a first come, first served basis.)

Get rewarded

  • Submit request for payment, along with dated proof(s) of purchase for materials
  • Provide AFTER photos of your completed project
  • Keep a Ziploc bag of any materials used


Terms and Conditions

The proposed plan must be approved by a representative of REEP Green Solutions prior to starting the work. After completing the application, please schedule a site visit to review the project plan and start the approval process for the project

Incentives will be reserved for 60 days after completion of a site visit and the project has been approved by a representative of REEP Green Solutions. Any extensions of this 60 day time period will be considered on a case by case basis if a logical rationale is communicated at least 14 days before the end of the 60 day timeline. Requests for an extension of the deadline can be sent via email to, or in writing to the attention of the RAIN Program Manager at the following address: REEP Green Solutions, 222 Frederick Street, Kitchener, ON, N2H 2M8. After 60 days, incentives money will not be reserved, but can still be obtained on a first come, first served basis provided all other criteria are met.

After the project is completed, to obtain incentives, proof of the work completed must be submitted to REEP Green Solutions in the form of:
• Dated receipts for services or materials must show that the work took place after September 6, 2016 (a photograph of the receipts is acceptable)
• Before, during and after photographs

In addition, you maybe required to undergo a final site audit to verify that your project is designed to meet the specifications as laid out in this agreement and is functioning as intended. As part of the audit you may be asked to provide a Ziploc sized bag of the material used to fill your rain garden or other stormwater management solution.

Limited time offer. Program expires Dec. 31, 2018. Rebates available on a first come, first served basis. Incentive payment subject to availability of funds.
• People can apply for more than one incentive provided they meet the criteria. Regardless of the number of measures installed, the maximum total incentive will not exceed $1,500 per property.
• Work must have begun after September 6, 2016.

With funding provided by:

Ontario Trillium Foundation



In partnership with

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