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EnerGuide Home Evaluation Prices



As a registered charity, we are not required to collect HST. Since that portion of your cost is not eligible for a rebate that means money that stays in your pocket.

Home Reno Rebate includes evaluations

You can get 100% of your evaluations costs as a rebate as part of the Home Reno Rebate program.

EnerGuide Home Evaluation Cost¹:

Southwestern Ontario including Cambridge, Waterloo, Woolwich, Wellesley, Wilmot, and North Dumfries
Total cost: $400

Total cost: $340 (thanks to $60 contribution by Kitchener Utilities)

EnerGuide Follow-Up Evaluation Cost²:

For homeowners who have already had an EnerGuide evaluation and completed some retrofit work, a follow-up evaluation will measure your energy efficiency improvements. A Certified Energy Advisor will return to your home and inspect the work that has been done. Based on this follow-up you will be provided with an updated EnerGuide rating, as well as new information about the air tightness of your home, an estimated reduction in energy use, and approximate CO2 savings.

Waterloo, Woolwich, Wellesley, Wilmot, Cambridge and North Dumfries

$160 (thanks to $40 contribution by Kitchener Utilities)


Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the evaluation will be subject to a $75 rescheduling fee.

Additional Info:

¹An additional square footage fee is charged for homes larger than 3,000 square feet, excluding the basement.
²An additional fee is charged if an addition has been added to the home since the original EnerGuide evaluation.

Support for Home Evaluations in Kitchener provided by:

Kitchener Utilities

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