Christopher Children’s Centre

According to Kari Feldmann, Sr. Project Manager at the Region of Waterloo, the solar hot water system is intended to preheat water for the domestic hot water system, and is sized to provide close to the average hot water demand for the facility on sunny summer days. The main hot water demand is the commercial kitchen, which provides meals for the children attending the centre.

Location: Cambridge Ontario
Region of Waterloo – Children’s Services

Technology: 3 units of IP-195 Vacuum tubes with pressurized tank. Each IP-195 solar water heater uses 24 vacuum tubes filled with purified water to efficiently transfer heat from the sun to an attached, insulated, pressurized 41-gallon (155 liter) water tank. The solar collectors are considered to have 100 sq.ft. effective area and are mounted on the roof, facing due south with a 45 degree tilt angle.

Manufacturer: Globe Solar Energy Inc., Toronto

Total Cost: $11,970
Includes cost of solar panels, piping, plumbing, installation cost and labour.

Payback Period: Approximately 13 years.

Source Of Information: Kurt Xiao of Globe Solar Energy Inc., Toronto.

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