Eglinton Laundrymat

Mr. Luv, the owner of Eglinton Laundrymat tells us that there are a total of 26 washing machines that use hot water from solar thermal system throughout the year, with no back-up heater; his business relies completely on the solar thermal system to provide hot water. In addition, two residential apartments at this site draw domestic hot water from the same solar heating system.

Location: 1843 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario

Technology: 13 units of IP-195 vacuum tubes with pressurized tank. 
Each IP-195 solar water heater uses 24 vacuum tubes filled with purified water to efficiently transfer heat from the sun to an attached, insulated, pressurized 41-gallon (155 liter) water tank. 

The system is designed for Canadian climates and is a low-maintenance system which utilizes pressurized municipal water supply to eliminate pumps and keeps cost down (No glycol required).

Manufacturer: Globe Solar Energy Inc., Toronto

Total Cost: $47,000

Payback Period: Approximately 11 years.

Source Of Information: Kurt Xiao of Globe Solar Energy Inc., Toronto and Mr. Luv, the owner of Eglinton Laundrymat.

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