Mansion Greens Community Garden

Challenge: The Mansion Greens Community Garden had no convenient water supply available for the garden. The utility shed that had potable water was located 80m from the site.
The Mansion Greens Community Garden was established in 2012 to connect community members in a meaningful way by giving them the space, tools and information to grow fruits and vegetables in their local city park. It consists of 24 garden plots in a 4 square layout with a seating area at its centre.
Solution: To reduce potable water consumption, eavestroughs and downspouts were installed on the 8m x 8m utility shed to capture rainwater. These were connected to…
A_button4 X 1,000L Above Ground Cisterns: Rainwater from the cisterns is moved using an electric pump. In time a solar panel will be installed to energize the pump.
B_buttonA 500L Underground Infiltration Gallery takes any overflow, soaks it into the ground to keep the site dry and prevents overflow from entering the storm sewer, thereby protecting local waterways.

Project Details:
Location: Weber Park, Corner of Frederick and Edna Streets, Kitchener, Ontario
Maximum Capacity: 4,500L
Estimated Diversion Per Year:  33,000L
Project Cost: $3,450
(eavestroughs, downspouts & diverter $500, cisterns, plumbing adapters, bases $750, pump & plumbing $500, infiltration gallery $850, labour $850)
Volunteer Hours Contributed: 50

diagram of rainwater harvesting system and infiltration gallery

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