Ontario Die International

Goal: When designing their new corporate head office and manufacturing facility in the 1990s,  Ontario Die wanted it to reflect their dedication to the community and to the environment. In addition to managing their stormwater ecologically, the design needed to create a beautiful outdoor space for the benefit of their employees.
Founded in 1923 as a family-owned operation, Ontario Die has become a world class manufacturer of quality cutting dies with locations around the globe.  Their Kitchener headquarters have been recognized with several design awards for the use of natural landscaping on the property.
A_buttonNatural Landscaping throughout the property help to absorb rain and allow it to soak into the ground naturally.
B_buttonA Bioswale: accepts rain falling on the parking lot and infiltrates it into the ground. The ditch-like feature is planted with native species which encourage healthy microbes that help to treat pollutants.
A Constructed Wetland takes any overflow from the bioswale and allows sediments carried by the stormwater runoff to settle. Vegetation in the wetland provide additional benefits that help improve the water quality.

Incorporated into the design is a walkway and lunch area for their employees to enjoy. Ontario Die has pressings of native flowers found on site throughout the interior of the building and makes efforts to educate their employees on the wider benefits of this approach to the community.

Project Details:
Location: 235 Gage Avenue, Kitchener
Maximum Capacity: 10,000L
Estimated Diversion Per Year: 495,000L
Stormwater Credit: full 45%

  • The City of Kitchener 2002 Urban Design Award
  • Regional Citation from the 2003 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) Professional Awards Program

Additional stormwater controls that contribute towards stormwater credits include Infiltration Galleries (23,000L), Rooftop Restrictors and Oil Grit Separators.

diagram of Ontario Die stormwater features

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