Plasti-Fab Ltd.

Challenge: Plasti-Fab is located in an industrial subdivision in central Kitchener initially constructed in the 1950’s. It is situated on about 1.5424 hectares (3.81 acres) of land with 90% impervious area coverage. The total building envelope is 9742 square metres (104,861 square feet). All stormwater is discharged to the storm sewer.
Plasti-Fab provides its customers with moulded expanded polystyrene product solutions for constructing energy efficient buildings, floatation for marine construction, lightweight fill and compressible fill for geotechnical construction projects, and component solutions for original equipment manufacturers.
Solution: Plasti-Fab learned from their RAIN Business Visit that they could qualify for credits for existing controls on their rooftop drains and for educational credits if they informed their employees about stormwater management. After working with consultants it was decided that they would soak up a portion of their rooftop water by making the following improvements to the Union Street side of their warehouse building:
A_button873L infiltration gallery soaks up water from the south-west corner downspout.
B_button6,125 L rain garden (2.5m X 8m X 0.5m) Overflow from the above ground cistern is piped into a 500L below ground cistern that will feed a bubbling water feature in St. John’s planned contemplation garden.
1,225L rain garden (2m X 2m X 0.5m) soaks up water from the east corner downspout.

Project Details:
Location: 1214 Union Street, Kitchener, Ontario
Maximum Capacity: 8,223L
Estimated Diversion Per Year: 205,000L
Project Cost: $5,150
(Eavestroughs realignment $1,000, infiltration gallery $2,150, rain gardens $2,000)
Payback Period: Plasti-Fab now receives a stormwater credit from the City of Kitchener for their pre-existing stormwater management controls along with the newly installed features. This has resulted in a payback period of less than 5 years.

diagram of Plastifab Ltd. stormwate management features
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