Pete and Susan’s rain garden

Challenge: Pete and Susan were having drainage problems around their house because it is on a slope and in a low lying area. Whenever it rained, a stream of water would run around the house next to the foundation, pool in the backyard, and seep into the basement. They knew something had to be done.
Solution: Their neighbourhood association had a presentation by RAIN in the spring. When Pete and Susan chatted with their association’s president she suggested they consider installing a rain garden to solve their water problems. After doing some more research they went to Kolb Green Thumb Nursery.

“The people at Kolb Green Thumb were great! They designed the garden for us for free because we were buying plants at their nursery and suggested a rain garden to hold the water. We did the installation ourselves. It was a month and a half of trial and error, but it was worth it – we love it now! Our backyard and basement are now dry. It’s amazing!”  Pete and Susan

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  • By REEP Green Solutions 07 Apr 2016

    Thanks for sharing your story Peter!

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