Jackie and James’ Basement

Challenge: Jackie and James’ house is located at a low point and all the water from the houses on higher ground behind them drains onto their property. One spring day, when there was still snow on the ground, they were doing laundry while it was raining heavily. Soon after, the sump pump overflowed and about 6 inches of water  covered the basement.
Solution: First, they had a RAIN Home Visit to review their options. During REEP’s RAIN Barrel Blitz they bought and installed two rain barrels. They planted a new garden and moved a lilac bush to the hill to soak up the water flowing down from other homes. They re-graded the garden that sits right up against their house to direct water away from the foundation.
Future Plans: They will be installing two more rain barrels on the other side of the house; extending the weeping tile to soak up more water and directing it away from the house; modifying the gardens into larger rain gardens; and creating an infiltration gallery using stone where water usually pools. They will also be re-doing all of the eavestroughs because they are cracked and leaking.

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