RAIN Award Nominees Announced

Congratulations to all of the award winners and nominees. Learn about all nine recipients honoured at the 2015 Celebrating Community Action awards. RAIN awards were presented in the following categories:

RAIN Residential Nominees: Kitchener

Cistern installation: 1700 Gallon
Ron Van Dam installed a 1700 gallon (6500 L) underground cistern to harvest all of his rooftop rainwater. He uses a pump and irrigation system to water his lawn and gardens. Read more details in the case study…

Lori Schroeder
Lori Schroeder addressed her wet basement problems by directing the downspout from her home’s right side to a rain garden.Read more details in the case study…

Tim and Heidi Mussar's yard, before and during construction
Tim and Heidi Mussar’s backyard was submerged under water for days after a rain storm until they installed 170 linear feet of French drains and 2 rain gardens to soak up water. Read more details in the case study…

RAIN Residential Nominees: Waterloo

4 rain barrels connected in series
Lois Chalmers installed 7 rain barrels and at 3 different downspouts at her home. She uses the captured stormwater to irrigate her garden beds.

Backyard gardens and swale absorb rooftop water
Gail Nelson extended her downspouts and directed them into a garden bed. She also has a vegetated swale that takes about a third of her backyard and soaks up water coming from her roof.

Catherine Fife and Elizabeth McLaughlin standing on their new driveway
Catherine Fife, Ken and Elizabeth McLaughlin worked together to de-pave their adjoining driveways and replace them with permeable paving strips. The downspouts of both homes have been directed underground to the stone below the driveway that stores and soaks water into the ground. Read more details in the case study…

RAIN Residential Nominees: Cambridge

Natalia and her rain barrels
Natalia Khilkevich embarked on a renovation to deal with a damp basement. She repaired the roof and eavestroughs and directed her downspouts into 4 rain barrels. The harvested water is used to irrigate her gardens. Read more details in the case study…

Before and After shots of the backyard
Mary Louise Byrne and Alain Pinard During heavy rains and snow melts Mary Louise and Alain’s basement would flood and there was ponding in their back yard. They installed French drains, an infiltration gallery, a rain garden, permeable paving, and drought tolerant native plantings in order to solve the problem. Read more details in the case study…

RAIN Non-Residential and Multi-Residential Nominees:
Stormwater Management Community Engagement Award

Cistern at WLU Aboriginal Student Centre
Wilfrid Laurier University (main campus) hosted the Water Innovations Walk in the spring of 2015, highlighting  stormwater management best practices on campus and lessons learned. On-site signage and website information also educate staff, students and visitors about the many stormwater management features on campus.

Native plant gardens, constructed wetland and permeable walkway at UW
University of Waterloo (main campus) provides 19 courses per year related to stormwater management and actively involves students in campus stormwater management projects that feature permeable paving and drought tolerant, native landscapes. On-site signage and website information also educates staff, students and visitors about additional projects, including 5 green roofs and rainwater that is harvested to flush toilets. Read more details in the case study…

Stormwater Management Improvement Award Nominees

Excavating the rain garden at Hacienda Sarria
Hacienda Sarria collects rooftop water in a 5000L cistern, has two green roofs, and is installing a rain garden that provides quality and quantity control for their parking lot runoff.

Workshop participants plant the rain garden at Hazelglen Drive.
58 Hazelglen Drive townhouse complex redirects runoff from half of its rooftop to a rain garden. This garden was used as a community teaching site in the fall of 2015.

Planting the rain garden at AET.
AET Group Inc. installed a stone forebay, bioswale and rain garden that treats runoff from most of their parking lot and all of their rooftop.

Construction of the bioswale
Johnsonite Canada Inc installed a stone forebay, bioswale and rain garden that treats their parking lot runoff for quantity and quality.

Stormwater Management Innovation Award Nominees

Bioswale at Conestoga College (Cambridge campus)
Conestoga College (Cambridge campus) manages stormwater with a 7000L infiltration gallery under a central courtyard, 4 parking lot bioswales, oil and grit separators, a stormwater management pond and drought tolerant, native plantings.

Constructed wetland at UW's EV3 building
University of Waterloo (main campus) manages its stormwater with green roofs, permeable paving, a growing number of drought tolerant native plantings and an engineered wetland and cistern that capture, filter and reuse water for toilet flushing.
Read more details in the case study…

Grand River Transit Operations Centre
Grand River Transit’s Strasburg Transit Operations Centre manages its stormwater with permeable paving around 8 trees, 2 bioswales and a 250,000L underground cistern that collects rooftop water. Collected water is then filtered and reused to wash their transit buses. Read more details in the case study…

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