National program to reduce urban flooding started in Waterloo Region

A week ago, Intact Insurance and the University of Waterloo announced the opening of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation. The focus of the centre will be on research and solutions for Canadian homeowners and businesses in dealing with extreme weather. Their first initiative will be to roll- out a national auditing program to help homeowners reduce their chances of flooding.

This new national program was created partly based on a pilot program called the RAIN Home Visit that advises homeowners on low-cost measures to keep basements dry and manage rain as a resource.

The RAIN Home Visit is one of a suite of programs delivered through RAIN Community Solutions- an initiative of Green Communities Canada and its member organisations. RAIN Community Solutions was created in response to the growing impact that stormwater runoff and flooding was having on our communities.

RAIN promotes three simple messages: slow it down, soak it up, and keep it clean. The messages are designed to promote activities that manage rainfall close to where it falls – installing rainwater harvesting and rain gardens, enhancing the urban forest, reducing impervious surfaces, and preventing pollution. The impact of these activities are: more flood resilient communities, fewer wet basements and mould related health impacts, increased green spaces, increase in the urban tree canopy, increase in local awareness of stormwater management and an increased ability to sustainably manage water on private properties.

Locally, REEP Green Solutions was one of the first in the country to deliver components of RAIN Community Solutions. We hope to deliver the new Home Adaptation Audit Program in the future.

Learn more about REEP Green Solutions and the other stormwater management programs we deliver.

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