Hacienda Sarria’s rain garden matches its charm and elegance

When it rains, stormwater drains rapidly off the Hacienda parking lot eroding the soil at the edges and carries with it oil, and other pollutants to the storm sewer downhill. Hacienda’s owners needed the solution to be both functional and beautiful so as to match with the charm and elegance of the property.
HaciendaSarria-feature-imageThe intricate Spanish-inspired architecture at Hacienda Sarria make it highly sought after for wedding receptions and corporate events. It’s roots harken back to its days as a sugar beet factory in the early 1900s. On the grounds of the former factory a community garden has been cultivated by volunteers to teach sustainable food production and provide local produce to restaurants and organic grocers.
Solution:                                                               A_buttonPretreatment trench: runoff from the parking lot flows into a long trench filled with stone around its perimeter. The stones help to trap any solids or grit. A perforated pipe running through the trench conveys filtered water to the rain garden.
B_button Riverstone: placed at the inlet to the rain garden spreads the flow and dissipates the energy of the water and prevents erosion.
Rain Garden (10,000L) captures water in a planting mix of topsoil, compost and sand for up to 48 hours. The sandy soil native to Hacienda Sarria helps the water to infiltrate quickly. Micro-organisms in the soil treat pollutants such as oil and gasoline before water percolates into the ground. As the plants grow they will enhance the appeal of the grounds and their deeper roots will increase the efficiency of the rain garden.
10,000 Litre capacity
Project Details:
Location: 1254 Union Street, Kitchener
Maximum Capacity: 10,000L
Estimated Diversion Per Year: 316,000L
Additional stormwater controls at Hacienda Sarria include a 5000L cistern that collects rooftop water to irrigate their garden beds, 2 green roofs, work with a Smart About Salt trained snow removal contractor.

diagram of Hacienda Sarria: Pretreatment trench, Riverstone & Rain Garden

Pretreatment trench and riverstone that treat water before it enters the rain garden.
Pretreatment trench and riverstone that treat water before it enters the rain garden

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