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Environmental charity now helping people take action by getting you started

Kitchener – After 17 years developing a reputation as a trusted third party source of information on living sustainably at home, REEP Green Solutions is adding new services to help people act on that knowledge. The first new service offering is a rain barrel installation service. For an introductory price of $95, up to 50 homeowners can get the experts to install their rain barrel. When the introductory price ends, the service is available for $125.

“Since we were founded, we have been advising people on how they can make their homes energy efficient,” said Mary Jane Patterson, executive director of REEP Green Solutions. “We then recognized that we needed to show people how to live sustainably by providing demonstrations and opening the REEP House for Sustainable Living as a model home. But we still saw gaps in homeowners moving from knowledge to action. Now we are starting to do for you what needs to be done in addition to showing you what to do.”

Rain barrels are an important way to conserve water but they are not always installed properly. REEP Green Solutions’ rain barrel installation service includes determining the best location to install rain barrels for optimal use and taking precautions to ensure that water does not find its way into your basement. That includes properly aligning downspouts to the rain barrel(s) and ensuring that any overflow is directed away from the home to a permeable area where it can soak into the ground. Clients can also have installed accessories used to connect barrels in series and for diverting overflow automatically once rain barrels reach full capacity.

“When you buy a rain barrel, you think it should be easy enough to install, only to find you’re faced with a series of decisions such as where it should it go and how to redirect your downspout. Those are not always simple decisions.” said Patrick Gilbride, RAIN program manager. “Concerns about rain barrel placement or the physical labour involved mean many rain barrels get put into storage in the garage where they stay. We take both the work and the guess work out of installing a rain barrel.”

For do-it-yourself homeowners or anyone interested in learning about using a rain barrel, there is a workshop on the basics and beyond this Saturday (May 7) at 1:30 p.m. at 20 Mill Street as part of the “This Sustainable House” series. Advance registration on is requested.

Book a rain barrel installation by calling 519-744-9799 and press 1. Learn more at ALso we are covering a special about the best baby strollers on our next post, so if you want good stroller info then stay tuned!

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