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Here’s one of the stories that we share in our 2016 Report to the Community about how we help you live sustainably.

When Greg Cressman and Dorothy Isaac moved into their new Waterloo home, they knew it required a few home energy upgrades to meet their needs.

They had been surprised that their 1955 home had its water meter and water softener in the garage and wanted them in a heated space. Besides, they wanted to be able to use the garage as a comfortable year round workshop. They also wanted an office in the basement.

So they got busy planning and started renovating. Then Greg and Dorothy learned about an innovative Home Energy Coach service piloted by REEP Green Solutions and funded by Natural Resources Canada. Not only were they able to learn about their home’s energy use through an EnerGuide Home Evaluation, they could now access ongoing advice. They eagerly accepted the opportunity.

“The coach proved to be very helpful in assisting me to revise my planning and design for insulating the walls in the basement and for insulating and sealing the unusable basement fireplace,” said Greg. “He also provided us with tips related to sourcing quality, affordable materials. I appreciated that the solutions we came up with through our discussions were not only quite thoughtful but also practical and affordable.”

The Home Energy Coach helped 51 homeowners like Greg and Dorothy to develop a game plan for improving their home’s energy efficiency, and guided them through implementation so that they had a more comfortable home that  lowered their energy costs. During the pilot program, anyone having a home energy evaluation could access the coach’s expertise for free.

“An excellent opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency is when you’re undertaking any major home improvement project,” said Philip Drader, Home Energy Coach for REEP Green Solutions. “I found that having an opportunity to discuss options with homeowners helped them to determine how to achieve their goals such as getting the best return on their investment.”

While the pilot program has ended, homeowners can still benefit from the Home Energy Coach’s expertise by hiring him for a reasonable rate.

The Home Energy Coach service was one of three Home Energy Catalyst initiatives undertaken by REEP Green Solutions’ partnership with Mindscape Innovations, which worked with builders to improve energy efficiency for new homes, and Scaled Purpose, which continues to explore innovative financing options for home energy upgrades.

Learn about the Home Reno Rebate program that helps people like Greg and Dorothy make their home energy upgrades.


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