For ClimateActionWR, solving climate change includes our homes


Here’s one of the stories that we share in our 2016 Report to the Community about how we help you live sustainably.

ClimateActionWR is jointly lead by REEP Green Solutions and  Sustainable Waterloo Region

Understanding how our homes, together with our individual actions, contribute to our community’s carbon footprint is a critical part of addressing climate change.

On the third Monday of every month, a motivated group of community-minded individuals meet at the REEP House for Sustainable Living – they are the ClimateActionWR Residential Sector Committee. The committee includes professional planners, city staff, residential contractors, professional engineers and academics, all of whom have a wide range of experience and involvement within our community and reside in the Waterloo Region.

Their goal is to accelerate progress toward achieving our community greenhouse gas reduction target of 6% below 2010 levels by 2020. The group started by investigating programs that could bring social benchmarking to our utility bills and help homeowners understand the comparative    performance of their homes. The group also researched and reported on Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) and Project Neutral as initiatives to consider  for local implementation.

Since November, the committee has focussed on the research and development of new ideas and opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes. Of all the ideas that have come to the table, committee member Zainab Moghal is particularly excited by “the opportunity for neighbourhoods to track their emissions and learn more about opportunities to reduce them.”

The direction of the committee was informed by a community focus group which brought together participants from several neighbourhoods across Waterloo Region. The focus group, organized by the committee, provided critical information about the tools and approaches that foster better participation in existing programs.

An important sentiment arising from the focus group was that although, as an individual, it may feel like your actions do not move the needle, our   collective responses do. Together, our homes either contribute to the problem   of climate change or to its solutions.

As it moves forward, look for ClimateActionWR to support and share how our individual actions can make a collective impact.


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