Introducing the “Zero Waste” Concept


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What is Zero Waste?

by Gurpreet Badesha

Going ‘zero waste’ has a different meaning for everyone and it’s important to understand that going ‘zero waste’ is a process with many different paths.

For some, zero waste means not creating any garbage, recycling or even compost. Everything is replaced in their home with the idea of reuse and recovery in mind.

For others, going zero waste does not mean they have to replace everything (that is single use) in their home right away. Instead, they decide to use what they already have until it needs to be replaced (i.e. something broke or stopped working). When they do finally need to replace something, they have a zero waste mindset where they don’t purchase anything that may end up in the garbage or recycling (i.e. extra plastic or cardboard packaging).

For beginners, zero waste is all about learning how to make little changes in your daily life that can have a lasting impact in the long run (i.e. switching to a re-usable water bottle instead of purchasing cases of plastic ones). Even those individuals who have been practicing a zero waste lifestyle for years are still learning new ways to live a more sustainable life each day.

The 5 R’s of Zero Waste Living

Refuse and instead purchase items that can be borrowed, rented, and repaired.

Reduce waste by saying no to excessive packaging (i.e. gift wrap).

Reuse by passing items along to others who may need them (i.e. donating).

Recycle items to save their value (i.e. batteries).

Rot the rest (i.e. composting)

Going zero waste can be both environmental and economical. So join us on this journey of learning how to go zero waste while saving the planet and some money too!

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