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Bring Your Own Cup/Container!

By Devin Bettencourt

Many of us are constantly on the go, and sometimes we just don’t have the time to make our food at home or brew that morning cup of coffee. So we find ourselves ordering takeout and to-go coffee cups. Takeout typically comes wrapped in plastic/styrofoam, with plastic utensils wrapped in plastic, and finally thrown into a plastic bag. That’s a lot of unnecessary plastic. Additionally, according to Be Zero, every minute over 1 million disposable cups end up in the landfill! This is a lot of waste, that can easily be avoided!

Below are a few links on how to avoid to-go waste and where you can buy reusable cups and containers:

Bring your own container – Be Zero
Bring your own cup – Be Zero

Here is also a trailer of Rob Greenfield’s Trash Me project. For 30 days, he wears every single piece of trash he creates while living like the average American, it is a great way to really visualize how easily waste can accumulate:

Photo Credit: Devin Bettencourt


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