Declutter Your House


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Declutter Your House

In today’s society, the market system depends on our ever increasing consumption of goods and services. As a result companies have done their best to convince us we need the latest and greatest gadget, pair of shoes, car, decor… the list goes on and on. This has lead to a great deal of over-consumption, which has detrimental effects on our environment. It is no overstatement when we say many of the world’s ecosystems are collapsing, habitats are being degraded, species are facing extinction, and we are polluting our basic necessities for life – water, air and land. So what can we do?

Aiming for a more Zero Waste lifestyle is a great opportunity to take control of your impact on the environment. Decluttering your home can seem like a daunting task, but many people who have challenged themselves to do so not only support a more sustainable lifestyle, but find it quite liberating! There are many online sources to help guide you through the process of decluttering your home. At the bottom of this blog post we have attached some site links with great simple steps you can follow to begin decluttering your home today!


Lauren Singer, well known for her Trash is for Tossers blog, covers in this video zero waste alternatives for your bathroom!


This video covers how this vlogger has made her kitchen more green, more cost effective, and closer to zero waste!

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