NEWS RELEASE:  Zero Waste Challenge focuses on the importance of waste reduction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 13, 2016

The first challenge to be held October 24 – 28

Kitchener – REEP Green Solutions challenges Waterloo Region residents to reduce their waste destined for the landfill to as close to zero as possible between October 24 to 28. Participants of Zero Waste Challenge Waterloo Region are asked to place all the waste they create into a one litre mason jar to track their success.  Maximizing what can be diverted from the landfill through recycling and using the green bin is encouraged. The challenge also recommends that people refuse options that unnecessarily create waste such as water bottles or plastic wrapped vegetables. Anyone interested in the challenge is asked to sign up at:

“We live in a society that generates a lot of waste and we seldom think twice about it. When we do think about it, we often feel helpless to make a difference,” said Mary Jane Patterson, executive director of REEP Green Solutions. “Zero Waste Challenge Waterloo Region wants people to recognize how much waste we create, how we can divert more of it from the landfill and ultimately how we can reduce any kind of waste. We are encouraging people to think about the choices we make and commit to developing new habits.” Strategies, tips and advice on succeeding in the challenge is available at:

Waste reduction is the next natural area of focus for REEP Green Solutions, as an essential part of  living sustainably. The environment is negatively affected by the use of natural resources and the energy required to make products and packaging that is used for a very short period of time before being discarded. And too much ends up in the landfill.

“We have been helping people live sustainably since we were founded in 1999 to conduct home energy evaluations,” said Patterson. “We have since added water conservation, storm water management as a way to protect our water resources, and the REEP House for Sustainable Living as a model home, Helping people reduce their waste is another step in living our mission ‘to empower the community with the practical tools, knowledge and capacity for action to make sustainable living the norm.’”

One of the harmful impacts of waste is the emission of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Reducing the amount of waste buried in the landfill helps to eliminate those greenhouse gas emissions. It also reduces the emissions caused by the production and transport of goods and packaging.

REEP Green Solutions is an environmental charity that helps people to live sustainably. A major focus is on preventing climate change through residential energy efficiency and adapting to it through storm water management.

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