Repair Rather than Replace

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Repair Rather than Replace

In a throwaway culture it has become habit to toss ‘broken’ household items to the landfill without even batting an eye. This has had detrimental impacts on our environment as more waste accumulates indefinitely into our landfills, that could have been repaired. But this is a habit that can be broken! You can reduce the amount of waste you produce, the amount of money you spend replacing items, and even learn a thing or two while you’re at it!

Repair Cafe Toronto is a great example of communities working together to support one another to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Check out the video below, which touches on Toronto’s Repair Cafe.

Repair Cafe Toronto – 1st Anniversary (May 2014) from Repair Cafe Toronto on Vimeo.

In addition to community get togethers such as the Repair Cafe, you can go online to sites such as This website is a wonderful resource to get together as an online community to share ideas and help guide each other on how to fix a wide array of items!

So next time something that you own needs to be repaired, consider learning how to fix it instead of disposing of it right away. If the item is unable to be fixed, make sure to recycle it properly.


Photo Credit: iStock/scyther5

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