Sustainable Bamboo Products


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Sustainable Bamboo Products

By Devin Bettencourt

There’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of using bamboo as an alternative to common unsustainable materials *cough *plastic *cough. And with good reason!

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material; with amazingly fast growth rates, the ability to pull carbon dioxide out of the air faster and better than other plants, and the ability to thrive in diverse environments all over the world naturally without pesticides and very little water! And, of course, it’s completely biodegradable! Bamboo shirts, socks, floors, plates, sheets, spoons, keyboards, you name it! There is an endless list of products that can be manufactured using bamboo. It’s no wonder it’s being considered as a ‘miracle plant’ and natural defense against climate change and environmental degradation.

Brush with Bamboo

A great example is the company Brush with Bamboo, a proud sponsor of 5 Gyres – a leading environmental group working hard to raise awareness about the detrimental impacts of plastic pollution. Brush with Bamboo has taken action themselves against such pollution by finding a more sustainable alternative to plastic toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrushes! And they have done so brilliantly, everything from the handle to the packaging is completely biodegradable. If you’re looking for a zero-waste alternative for your toothbrush, this is it!

Check out their video below to learn more about why we love this company so much!

Life Without Plastic

The website Life Without Plastic also offers some great bamboo products among other sustainable items! It’s basically one stop shop for zero waste fanatics! Be sure to check out their website!

Going zero waste doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard. Switching items such as your toothbrush are little adjustments than can make a world of a difference!
Photo Credit: Brush with Bamboo


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