Zero Waste grocery shopping


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Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Next time you step into your local grocery store, take a moment to notice how much food is prepackaged in plastic. It’s a lot! Is all this packaging really that necessary? There are simple steps each of us can take in order to minimize our consumption of unnecessary packaging while we grocery shop.

Simple Tips:

1. Avoid purchasing products wrapped in plastic.

2. Bring your own reusable shopping bags, produce bags, and jars.

3. Buy local food

4. Shop in bulk!

That’s it! By being conscious, avoiding packaging, and with a little pre-planning we can make a huge difference in reducing the waste we create while grocery shopping. Don’t get discouraged if you forget your produce bag or a jar here or there, with practice it will become second-nature grabbing these items on your way out the door! Below are some videos and links for further information on how to zero waste grocery shop!

For specifics on how to shop in bulk, this vlogger takes you along with her as she grocery shops for typical pantry items:

In addition, this video covers how to easily grocery shop the zero waste way:


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Photo Credit: Devin Bettencourt


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