by Daniel Jordan, RAIN Program Volunteer

This post is the first in a series about how Alexis worked towards a RAIN Smart Home.

Last summer a group of intrepid workers and volunteers visited each home in the Mount Hope and Lakeside neighbourhoods. What message were they spreading? A message about building neighbourhood resiliency and, to everyone’s delight, a message about contests and savings.

The RAIN Smart Neighbourhoods project, in partnership with the City of Kitchener, Partners for Action and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, offered one homeowner the exciting opportunity to walk away with a $10,000 front-yard makeover.

Other prizes included $1,500 towards a RAIN Smart improvement project and free home consultations by a “RAIN Coach

Why RAIN Smart?

In nature, when it rains, the rain falls on trees and plants and slowly makes its way to the ground, soaking into the soil and replenishing the groundwater. Unfortunately, in our world of concrete and asphalt, when it storms, the water hits these hard surfaces and runs off into the storm pipes, picking up dirt, oil and debris as it goes.

Often this water goes untreated and makes its way into our rivers and lakes, polluting, eroding and warming the surface temperature of these water bodies, which can lead to algae outbreaks and other nastiness. Health problems related to water pollution are estimated to cost Canadians $300 million dollars per year.

The RAIN Smart Neighbourhoods project encourages people to make a small but meaningful contribution to the solution by using three simple principles: 1) Slow it down; 2) Soak it up; and 3) Keep it clean.

The winner of the RAIN Smart Front Yard Makeover has the opportunity to put these three principles into practice with the help of Reep Green Solutions. So let’s see who won!

Alexis and the RAIN Smart Home

Chapter 1 – Alexis wins a front yard makeover

Alexis MotuzAlexis Motuz

Occupation: Recruitment Consultant and mother of two

Neighbourhood: Mount Hope

Enjoys: gardening, teaching, and collaborating on artistic and community development projects

Alexis’ story in her own words:

Last July, a kind young man with a slight German accent knocked on my door. He was wearing a shirt that said Reep Green Solutions. I had heard about them through their involvement in the home energy evaluation program, but the RAIN program was new to me. He began to tell me about the RAIN Smart Neighbourhood initiative and the contest that they were holding for our area.  

I knew a little about the pollution caused by stormwater run off and I already had a rain barrel that I used to divert some of this water and use it for gardening. I was eager to learn more, specifically about the more creative solutions that have been devised to divert (and use) this water.

When I learned I had been selected in a random draw to move to the next stage of the contest, I was very excited – as I told my son, with whom I was reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at this time, that this was like my own “golden ticket!”

In August, I was contacted and told that I was one of the finalists. On August 2 at the Guelph Street Community Garden, they announced the winners and, though I could hardly believe it, I had been chosen to be grand prize recipient for my neighbourhood.

I feel very grateful to be a part in this program. I look forward to having my outdoor space transformed and serve as an inspiration for others in the neighbourhood who will be able to take advantage of incentives. I‘m eagerly anticipating the work parties in our neighbourhood, to getting my kids involved and educating them on gardening and rain water solutions, and to seeing the overall transformation of front yards in what is already a creative, vibrant, and eco-friendly community.

I’m excited to see the final product for my yard and to having it be a showcase for what others can do. I also look forward to sharing my experience, and promoting the local workers/artists involved in the project, as I go through it.

In future posts, we’ll share the process used and progress that Alexis is making towards a RAIN Smart Home.

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