The environmental benefits of green transportation choices

by Ericha Moores

What exactly constitutes an alternative mode of transportation? Anything that isn’t driving alone!

Some of the typical examples of alternative transportation include: walking, biking, taking public transit and carpooling.

Green House Gases

Let’s start with a briefly explanation of the importance of why need to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gases are produced during the burning of fossil fuels, which includes coal, oil, and natural gas. As more greenhouse gases are produced, they prevent heat energy from the sun from leaving the atmosphere. This results in an overall warming effect that we know as climate change.

This is an issue that will affect us all. Canada, and Waterloo Region, have made commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so it is important as a community to come together and try to achieve them!

Transportation in the world and Canada

Transportation is one of the main contributors to growing greenhouse gas emissions around the world – it accounts for almost 23% of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. In Waterloo Region it accounted for 40% of total carbon dioxide emissions in 2010. That’s a pretty high number, but one that if we work together collectively we can reduce!

In switching your mode of transportation from a personal car to any of the aforementioned options, you are actively decreasing your carbon footprint and contributing less to overall greenhouse gas emissions. While this may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t and it should not be undermined!

This is the first post in a short series that is going to have a number of different alternatives to driving your own gas powered car alone. Keep following along to learn more about simple changes in your lifestyle that can have a big impact for the Waterloo Region, as well as, Canada!

Learn more about the types of green transportation and the benefits of choosing them.

Please share more environmental benefits of green transportation choices in the comments below.

photo credit: Beegee49 Cycling via photopin (license)

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