News Release: Mary Jane Patterson receives lifetime achievement award


Reep Green Solutions receives three awards from Green Communities Canada

Kitchener – Mary Jane Patterson, executive director of Reep Green Solutions received the environmental lifetime achievement award on Monday from Green Communities Canada as part of its Annual General Meeting. Also recognized with awards were board chair Tania Del Matto as an outstanding board person and the innovation award went to the organization’s Home Energy and Rain Coaching services.

The following is how Green Communities Canada officially announced the recipient of the environmental lifetime achievement award.

Environmental Lifetime Achievement Award: Mary Jane Patterson, Reep Green Solutions
This award is for an individual who demonstrates through work and achievements a lifetime contribution to improving the environment.

Mary Jane is an effective environmental champion committed to creating environmental impact in Waterloo Region and beyond.

Mary Jane’s leadership in residential energy evaluations and low-income retrofits has resulted in annual reductions of over 30,000 tonnes of CO2 in the Waterloo region and she was one of the key architects of Region of Waterloo’s Climate Plan.

In 1999, Mary Jane Patterson was one of two founding staff members of the organization now called Reep Green Solutions and has served as its Executive Director since 2001. Mary Jane has led the organization in its delivery of over 15,000 residential energy evaluations and over 5,000 low-income retrofits in Waterloo Region. The result is documented annual reductions of over 30,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. She was one of the key architects behind the sponsoring partnership and development of A Climate Action Plan for Waterloo Region. She has played a leading national role as Chair of the Board of Green Communities Canada.

According to Associate Director Dave Blake, Mary Jane is a model for sustainable living, “Her home is a model of what is possible for homeowners in Waterloo Region. Her rain barrel installation and her recent installation of an air source heat pump water heater are two examples of how she lives her life. She lives without owning her own car and regularly rides her bike around town, to the office and to meetings with our partner organizations. Even when we go out for a team lunch, she brings her own reusable containers in order to minimize the impact of leftovers.”

Paul Parker, co-founder of Reep Green Solutions, said, “Mary Jane is dedicated to enabling our local community and communities across the country to improve environmental performance.”

Reep Green Solutions is an environmental charity that helps people to live sustainably. Programs and services focus on residential energy efficiency, managing storm water, water conservation and waste reduction. It co-leads ClimateActionWR with Sustainable Waterloo Region. The Reep House for Sustainable Living is a model home with a variety of environmentally friendly features and often hosts workshops and presentations.

The following is how Green Communities Canada announced the other two awards

Innovation Award – Home Energy & RAIN Coaching Services
This award is for an organization that demonstrates innovation in programming, partnerships, marketing and events.

Reep Green Solution created the Home Energy Coach concept to help homeowners reduce their environmental impact and adopt sustainable practices. The coaches provide guidance, advice and support people interested in adopting more sustainable living practices. The Energy Coach works with homeowners on energy efficiency improvements. The RAIN Coach works with homeowners to find ways to beautify their landscape while managing rain on their properties.

Coaching services exemplify Reep Green Solutions core values of innovation and impact by finding ways to help people live sustainably by addressing barriers and enabling action.

Outstanding Board Person: Tania Del Matto
This award is for a board member who has demonstrated through his/her work and achievements the strongest commitment to a Green Community providing exceptional stewardship to the organization.

Tania has been a member of Reep Green Solutions’ Board of Directors for three years, and Chair of the Board for the past year. Her commitment to the health and good management of the organization and the sustainability of her community are evident in everything she does.

Tania brings a fresh perspective from her day job as the Director of St. Paul’s GreenHouse, a unique live-in campus-linked accelerator for social innovation and entrepreneurship. She helps Reep Green Solutions make connections with people and organizations that enhance its work and broaden its reach.

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