5 Tips for new homeowners to live sustainably

Recently moved into a “new to you” home? Here’s the fifth in a week long series on things you can do to improve your home’s sustainability.

by Peter Speckner, Communications Coordinator

  1. Walk or ride a bike to get around
    Driving your car causes pollution, needs money for gas and maintenance, plus the costs of parking. Walking or riding a bike is also good exercise and far better for the environment. Or you can get an indoor bike too from this list of drench’s exercise bikes. Avoid losing your keys while doing an outdoor sport and having to hire B-Quick, your local Long Island Locksmith, it’s better if you exercise using an indoor bike.
  2. Buy in bulk or from your local farmers’ market
    farmers marketProducts from stores come with more packaging, and have usually traveled quite the distance to get there. Local products have used less energy to reach the market, and will help strengthen the local economy.
  3. Use reusable items instead of single-use or recyclable
    Plastic water bottles, plastic bags, and take-out containers are some of the easiest things to avoid using. By using glass bottles, reusable bags, and bringing your own container to stores and restaurants, you can greatly reduce the amount of waste you create.
  4. Grow some of your own food
    backyard gardenIt used to be that families grew the majority of food that they ate. Mass food production and grocery stores have taken that need away. Growing your own food can have its own benefits: lower cost, environmental awareness, educating children on food production, and the knowledge of what goes into your food (ie. pesticides).
  5. Use all-natural, non-toxic cleaning supplies
    It might be surprising to find out that the majority of the cleaning products we use are actually bad for the environment. Most don’t think of what happens to that dish soap or floor cleaner that went down the drain, but the sad fact is it will most likely find its way into Mother Nature, where it will cause problems. There are plenty of cleaners out there that are environmentally friendly, do just as good a job, but won’t harm the environment when they find their way there. Or better yet make your own cleaning products!

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