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Here’s one of the stories that we share in our 2017 Report to the Community about how we help you live sustainably. On November 28, Reep Green Solutions is participating in Giving Tuesday.

When we asked the community if they thought of Reep Green Solutions as a charity, 58% said no. That is probably because a number of our services, such as home energy evaluations, operate as social enterprises. Like many charities, Reep Green Solutions looks for ways to fulfill our mission that also help cover costs. Charging a fee for some services helps us offer others at no cost, such as workshops at the Reep House for Sustainable Living.

Simply put, Reep Green Solutions is a registered environmental charity that helps people live sustainably.

We have a great appreciation for our supporters who recognize how their financial gifts enhance our capacity to fulfill that mission.

Mary Louise and Evange Kattides of Waterloo donate to Reep Green Solutions because they believe we all need to minimize our environmental footprint. They recognize that Reep Green Solutions offers the community many valuable hands-on services that help people to become more environmentally responsible and it does so effectively and in a way that’s easy for people to access and understand.

“When you donate money, even a modest amount, you want to make sure that it’ll make the greatest impact possible,” said Mary Louise. “And much like its messages on energy and water efficiency, Reep Green Solutions itself is a highly efficient organization. They manage to make a dollar go a long way.”

She continued, “While Reep Green Solutions is a local organization and is particularly relevant to our homes and this region, its impact reaches far beyond by addressing issues relating to climate change. It is exactly this kind of effort at the community level that collectively will make the greatest difference globally.”

Caring about the environment means caring about each other and the world we live in. That is why Reep Green Solutions helps you to live sustainably and why your gifts of time and money are so important. For example, with your help we are making the Reep House for Sustainable Living available as a showcase of ideas for your home, and bringing people together to learn at informative workshops and tours.

Together, we can make a difference. Give online today!

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