NEWS Release: Waterloo Region residents asked to show storm drains some love

Adopting a storm drain makes our streets safer and prevents flooding

Kitchener – As the last of fall’s leaves are collected and before winter settles in, Reep Green Solutions is calling upon residents of Waterloo Region to show the lowly storm drain some love. Specifically, they are asking people to adopt a storm drain near where they live, work or go to school. When someone adopts a storm drain, they are making a commitment to keeping it clear of snow and ice in the winter, leaves in the fall and litter and debris year round. Making and keeping that commitment is important as it helps ensure rain and melting snow can enter the storm sewer system. People can claim the storm drain they are adopting at

“Storm drains are easy to take for granted but they play a critical role in protecting people, homes and our water system,” said Patrick Gilbride, RAIN Program Manager at Reep Green Solutions. “They are underappreciated and deserve some care and attention from the people who benefit from them. Show a storm drain some love. Adopt one today!”

Adopting storm drains is important because when water cannot get into the sewers, it can cause flooding that can make it difficult to use the road and may affect nearby homes. Even a little bit of water can cause problems as it freezes into ice or makes leaves slippery. Both situations cause accidents that make our streets unsafe for people. A clear storm drain is also important in preventing pollution and salt from entering the storm water system that makes its way to local rivers and lakes.

“Anyone who lives or works in Waterloo Region can adopt a storm drain,” said Gilbride. “It shows that you care about having safe, dry streets, preventing flooding and preventing pollution from reaching our water system. Use our interactive map and commit to showing some love to a storm drain near where you live or work. Or perhaps adopt one as a part of a group?”

Reep Green Solutions is an environmental charity that helps people to live sustainably. Programs and services focus on residential energy efficiency, managing storm water, water conservation and waste reduction. It co-leads ClimateActionWR with Sustainable Waterloo Region. The Reep House for Sustainable Living is a model home with a variety of environmentally friendly features and often hosts workshops and presentations.

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For more information, please contact

James Howe, Communications Manager, Reep Green Solutions

[email protected]

519-744-6583 ext. 222

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