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These lists include local contractors, businesses and services that serve Waterloo Region. We provide them as a starting point for planning projects that make your home and life more sustainable.

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Reep Green Solutions does not recommend or evaluate products or contractors, but we want to help you take steps towards living sustainably, either through home renovations or other changes. We invite contractors to agree to certain terms (see below) and be listed as here. If you are a contractor interested in being listed, please click here. 

We recommend that you get quotes from at least three contractors and that you get a written contract to ensure price and quality. We also recommend that you take steps to independently assess the contractor you are hiring. Here are some resources to help you do that: 

    • The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has useful advice for hiring a contractor.    
    • The Better Business Bureau has a database of businesses. 
    • Verify credentials by searching trade and professional associations’ member lists:

Ontario Association of Landscape Architects 
Landscape Ontario
RenoMark (for home renovations professionals)
Professional Engineers Ontario
Ministry of Environment licensed well contractors
Ontario Groundwater Association
International Society of Arboriculture (for arborists) 

*Listing a service provider or product supplier does not constitute a recommendation by Reep Green Solutions.*

Home Contractors List

In addition to agreeing to the terms listed above, these local window contractors are registered with Window Wise — a quality assurance program that independently audits, trains and certifies window contractors and manufacturers.

General contractors are involved in all aspects of home renovation and building, from design to construction.

Renewable Energy Contractors

Renewable energy products and services are available for both the residential and commercial sectors. The following list provides some of the different business types offered by the renewable energy industry. 

Reep Green Solutions recommends getting at least three quotes and references for the work to be done whenever possible, and getting a written contract from the chosen contractor to ensure that you will be getting affordable and quality work.

  • Engineering: design and construction of new and / or improved renewable energy products or systems
  • Manufacturing: large-scale production of renewable energy technologies
  • Consulting: provide the service of professional advice on the use or function of renewable energy systems
  • Supplier: provide renewable energy technologies, systems, devices and / or equipment to the industry
  • Retail: purchase from suppliers to provide renewable energy products to customers in the community
  • Installation: provide the service of positioning renewable energy systems and connecting them for use

Types of Business provided:

Solar water heating systems; solar swimming pool systems; solar electric systems (photovoltaic; grid-tied; remote and mobile); solar powered electric fences; solar gadgets

Geothermal ground source heat pumps; geothermal systems (heating and cooling)

Wind turbines (small and large); wind energy systems

Drain water / waste water heat recovery systems

Rain Smart Homes – rain barrels, permeable paving, rain gardens etc.

To assist you in having a rain smart home that manages the rain that falls on your property, Reep Green Solutions has compiled a list of local businesses that serve Waterloo Region as a starting point for researching your options.

Reep Green Solutions recommends getting at least three quotes and references for the work to be done whenever possible, and getting a written contract from the chosen contractor to ensure that you will be getting affordable and quality work.

Service Providers

Icon of a plant growing with rain falling on it, within a blue circle
Icon of a tree

Product Suppliers & Nurseries

Rain Business Solutions Providers List

Licensed Water Well Contractors

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has an online list of licensed well contractors. Some contractors are members of the Ontario Ground Water Association (O.G.W.A.), and information about that organization can be found on their website. 

When hiring a well contractor, it is important to ensure that they hold the correct type of license for the work that needs to be done. You can find information on different license types on the Ontario Ministry of Environment website. 

Copies of well records may be obtained from the Ontario Ministry of Environment by calling 1 (888) 396-9355, or may be downloaded at no cost from here. Some older wells were never registered with the Ministry, and thus records may not be available for every well. 

Join our Contractors List

Contractors listed here have signed an agreement that they: 

  • Are committed to the Region’s climate action target to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 in part through improving home energy efficiency; 
  • Hold all relevant licenses to perform the work they offer;  
  • Hold liability insurance for at least $2 million;  
  • Comply with all applicable laws, standards, and manufacturers’ instructions; 
  • Will responsibly remove waste generated from the work from the property; 
  • Will install products that are EnergyStar certified in order to meet your energy efficiency upgrades recommended by your Registered Energy Advisor;
  • Will talk to you and your Registered Energy Advisor (REA) if there are differing opinions regarding the recommendations from your EnerGuide evaluation.  
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