COVID-19 Updates

To help ensure the health and safety of our clients, staff and the community during COVID-19 we have put in place several measurers to reduce the risk of transmission during your services. Here is what you can expect.

Updated August 9, 2021

In-Person Services Have Resumed

With an abundance of care and precaution, we are currently offering physically distanced in-person services including Backyard Tree Planting, Rain Smart Neighbourhoods consultations, Rain Garden Coach visits, EnerGuide Home Energy Audits and WET Home Water Reviews.

We are prioritizing appointments that were postponed because of the pandemic, so there are waitlists for many of our services. Sign up at the appropriate page and we will notify you when we are processing new applications.

Safety Protocols

  • Our services will be conducted outdoors as much as possible. In the case of Backyard Tree Planting and rain garden visits, the entirety will be conducted outdoors.
  • Where indoors activity is required, we ask that members of the household stay in one room. Our energy and water advisors follow strict safety protocols including masking as well as sanitizing tools, surfaces and hands.
  • All advisors are screened for symptoms related to cold, flu and COVID-19 at the beginning of each work day.
  • A physical distance of at least 2 metres will be maintained between Reep Green Solutions’ staff and the homeowner at all times during the visit.  
  • Reep staff will wear a KN95 mask for the duration of the visit and the homeowner(s) will be asked to wear a mask unless they are unable to do so for medical reasons. 
  • We ask that, if possible, no more than 2 members of the household are present for the duration of your consultation.
  • The entirety of the visit/consultation will be conducted outside in the yard of the homeowner(s). A physical distance of not less than 2 metres will be maintained between Reep Green Solutions’ staff and the homeowner at all times during the visit.  
  • Reep staff will wear a KN95 mask for the duration of the visit and the homeowner(s) will be asked to wear a non-medical mask unless they are unable to do so for medical reasons.  

General Measures

Our in-home services are temporarily on hold during thprovincial ‘stay at home’ order.

  • Once we are able to resume operations, our top priority will be to prioritize appointments for participants that had their appointments postponed. Please submit an online application (energy audits, water audits) and we will contact you as soon as we are able to start scheduling new appointments. 

Daily Self-Screening for Staff   

  • Our advisors must pass a daily self-screen for symptoms related to cold, flu/fever, and/or COVID-19 at the beginning of each work day.

Physical Distancing  

  • For all services, physical distancing of 2 metres (6 feet) from advisors must be maintained at all times.

General Release of Liability Waiver

  • All clients must read and sign a General Release of Liability Waiver on the day prior to their audit. This will ensure that all homeowners are aware that despite our infection control protocols, there is a potential risk of exposure to anyone who resides in that home.

Screening Questions

  • Prior to the audit, an advisor will call and screen clients. This will help to ensure that no one in the household is displaying any symptoms associated with COVID-19, has come in contact with anyone displaying symptoms, or has recently travelled to minimize the risk of exposure to our advisors.

Physical Distancing During Your Audit

  • We ask that, if possible, only one member of the household is present for the duration of your audit and that you stay stationed in one room of the home in order to minimize contact with our advisors.
  • During inspection of the exterior of the house, the homeowner may remain indoors. If you would like to monitor what is happening outdoors, please maintain physical distancing of 6 feet/2 metres from the advisor.

Masks Requirements for Audit Services

  • All clients present during in-person services will be asked to wear a mask.
  • If a client cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition, we would ask you to wait outside for the duration of the audit, weather permitting. If you are not able to wear a mask and cannot wait outside, we ask that you wait in a separate room from those being evaluated.
  • A mask will be worn by the advisor for the duration of your audit. A KN95 mask will be worn by advisors during the walk through portion of your audit. Our advisors are required to wear N100 respirators during the attic portion of your audit. This type of mask provides a higher level of filtration for our advisors in case of exposure to asbestos.
  • When our advisors need to change masks they will do so outside at their vehicle to reduce any potential of exposure to clients and/or themselves and will follow proper disinfection protocols.

Hygiene Procedures For In Home Services

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is provided to all advisors for use before, during and after their visits.
  • Our advisors will ensure their hands, all tools and equipment are sanitized prior to your services.
  • Advisors will not share personal items or supplies such as phones, pens etc. All work and inspection areas will be wiped down with disinfectant between each audit.
  • Our advisors will be wiping down surfaces in your home during the audit such as faucets, light switch plates etc. For surfaces that cannot be sanitized, they will disinfect their hands prior to coming into contact with those surfaces.

Contact-Free Payment & Procedures

  • All payments must be completed electronically at the time of the booking. We will not be accepting any cash or cheque payments. Payments can be made over the phone with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or via e-transfer.
  • Pictures are to be submitted electronically by the homeowner prior to the audit.
  • The confirmation email that you will receive for your service will have some items for you to prepare in advance of the visit in an effort to help minimize the amount of surfaces the advisors will come into contact with.
  • Any paperwork requiring your review and/or signature will be placed on a flat surface. The advisor will step back while you review and sign. Please use your own pen.

Please note that our advisors maintain the right to refuse work if they do not feel safe. You also maintain the right to refuse the service if you do not feel safe.

If you have any further questions of concerns please contact Customer Service Phone: 519-744-9799 x1  Email: [email protected]