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Energy Coaching Sessions | Advice from a Registered Energy Advisor

May 11 | 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm



Do you have burning questions on how to make your house energy efficient? Do you want to make your home more comfortable, but don’t know where to start? Book a time with a Registered Energy Advisor to get your questions answered!

Our Energy Advisor can help guide you in topics like:

  • Lowering your energy bills
  • Suggestions for helpful renovations
  • Grants, rebates and credits for your home
  • and more!

We are committed to offering you expert advice to help make your home more comfortable and affordable. In fact, if you’d like more help in your home energy goals, you’ll receive $20 off your booking of an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation after your coaching session!


Date | May 11, 1:30 – 4:30PM

Location | 20 Mill Street, Kitchener

Details | 6 sessions, 30 minutes each (one session per household)

Register Here!


Registered Energy Advisor

Brad Durant

Brad is committed to home efficiency, having obtained the Registered Energy Advisor designation through NRCan to help homeowners reduce their energy use and carbon footprint.

A professional Civil Engineer since 1989 Brad started Home Front Professional Home Inspections in 2003. Always an advocate for energy conservation, Brad and his family of four moved into an EnergyStarbuilt home in 2013 and installed rooftop solar PV which generates 95% of the electricity they use. Brad has studied high efficiency home design including Energystar, LEED, Netzero, and Passive House.

He is a Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD) from the Passive House Institute in Germany. Brad believes “We can do Better” and Passive House standard is the simplest and best method.

To learn more about Brad’s work on passive house, visit his websiteFacebook, and LinkedIn!


We encourage the use of active transportation such as walking or biking. The house is just off the Iron Horse Trail. It is also easily accessible by GRT bus routes that use Queen and have stops near Mill St. If you drive, please consider carpooling with others you know are attending.


You are welcome to use Schneider Ave or David Street parking. The Victoria Park Pavilion parking lot is also free to use and only a few minutes walk to the Reep House. Please do not park at the Schneider Haus or Mitchell St lots (click to enlarge map)

Photo Notice

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