Caring for Trees Throughout their Life Cycle

Planting trees is important, but so is looking after our existing urban forest. Just like people, trees at various stages of life have different needs. Depending on their age there are many different things we can do to help our trees thrive.

The City of Guelph’s urban forest is made up of trees from streets, parks and natural areas most of which grow on private land. Private land also offers the greatest opportunity to plant more trees to grow the city’s tree canopy.

The importance of a healthy urban forest has never been more evident than with the growing occurrences of wildfires and flooded basements due to climate change. Trees in our cities help to improve air quality, reduce flooding, keep our cities cool, provide essential habitat and food sources for many types of wildlife and contribute to making our neighbourhoods great places to live. As much as trees help us to adapt to climate change, they are equally dependent upon us to ensure that they can grow and thrive.

Learn about some practical ways to care for trees at different stages of their life cycle:

The role of trees in our modern cities

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Tree canopy

Best practices for tree care

  • Establishing new trees
  • Juvenile
  • Mature
  • Senescence

Local Action

  • Guelph Urban Forest Friends
  • Guelph Tree Trust – caring for our legacy trees

Caring for legacy trees: Guelph Urban Forest Friends & Guelph Tree Trust

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Sep 12 2023


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