How to Naturalize your Yard

Many of us want less lawn or want to support pollinators but find the idea of getting started overwhelming. Join us for a fun, interactive workshop where we will show you 5 entry-level ways to naturalize your yard and increase the diversity of plant life so that your yard can help support wildlife and improve watershed health.

We’ll show you sample designs and guide you through critical steps in planning a garden project for your yard. Fall is a great time to get started!

Please bring a print out of your property (an aerial photo and/or snapshots) to use as a base for sketching during this event.


Becca Robinson | Green Infrastructure Design & Project Lead, Reep Green Solutions

During her tenure with Reep Green Solutions, Becca has helped hundreds of property owners in the region create landscapes that are more resilient to climate change. She has led the design and construction of green infrastructure projects on residential and civic properties, as well as taught a series of workshops that help property owners develop and enact their own sustainable landscape plans. Becca received her Masters in Landscape Architecture from University of Michigan.

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The event is finished.


Sep 26 2023


7:00 pm


Forest Heights Library
251 Fischer-Hallman Road, Kitchener, ON N2M 4X8

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