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Five Questions on Sustainability

Reep posed five questions on sustainability to each of the candidates in Waterloo Region. They had 250 words to answer each question. Their responses are recorded verbatim in the posts linked below, divided up by riding.

All responses were gathered and inputted by Reep’s communications manager, Tim Alamenciak.

The questions were as follows:
  1. We are at the beginning of a crucial decade for climate action. If elected, what meaningful actions will you take to combat the climate crisis?
  2. Achieving our community’s interim GHG reduction target of a 50% reduction by 2030 (based on 2010 levels), will require bold and immediate actions from the federal government. What specific federal policies/actions would you work to implement, to enable greenhouse gas emission reductions and help municipalities reach that target?
  3. We know that home energy usage, especially heating, is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. If elected, how will you help people make their homes more sustainable?
  4. Tackling climate change is going to require both preventing further change and adapting to the effects we are already feeling. If elected, how will you help provinces and municipalities prepare for the increased storms and heat waves of climate change?
  5. How will you help low-income Canadians move towards a low-impact, carbon neutral future?
Note: Some candidates chose not to respond to our survey. That information is indicated at the bottom of the responses from the other candidates.

Responses by Riding