Upcoming Events

  1. The Good Green Death Project

    November 23 | 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


“One of our key renovation priorities was energy efficiency. Instinctively, we turned to Reep Green Solutions to provide guidance: their energy evaluation helped immensely in terms of identifying problem spots in the home; their participating contractors list provided a starting point for obtaining quotes; and their staff provided guidance regarding incentive programs. We are exceptionally pleased with the results: the home feels totally different than it did before. In addition to being a more uniform temperature throughout, it is so much quieter and more comfortable to live in. We will track our reduced energy costs with great satisfaction.”
– Dianne & Bill Ratcliffe, Waterloo, 2014

“Our bedrooms were always the coldest parts of the house but now they don’t take so long to warm up. When we turn off the heat at night our whole house used to cool off really quickly—now it really holds the heat. We were shocked by our first utility bill after upgrading insulation. Our house is just so much more comfortable…I can totally feel the difference.”
– Marcia Ruby, Kitchener, 2012

“This was exactly what I was looking for, while upgrading the insulation and energy efficiency of our home. It’s rare to find a presentation which far exceeds one’s expectations so greatly.”
– J.P. Mooney, Reep House tour participant, 2011

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