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Thanks for your interest in working with Reep Green Solutions. Our team make our programs and services possible through their passion, skills and their enjoyment in working together

Here are the current opportunities to join our team and help achieve our mission to make sustainability the norm in our community.

Staff Opportunities

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Ways we strive to walk the talk at work:

  • Monthly bus pass
  • Access to Carshare
  • Bike racks access
  • Standing desk for those who wish to use one
  • Promotion of litterless lunches: reusable cutlery, dishes and cups/mugs available for all to use in the kitchen; containers for people to pack left-overs from lunch socials
  • Walking meeting, such as walk-around the block, or walking to meetings
  • Walking in groups to lunch socials or other socials
  • We encourage a carpool culture in our volunteers and employees

Volunteer Opportunities

We always seek enthusiastic volunteers and interns with a passion for our mission. If we do not have a position posted and you believe you have something to offer us, please contact us so we can learn how you think you can contribute to our mission and vision.

We are a member of the Volunteer Action Centre of Kitchener-Waterloo and Area.

Board Development Coordinator

We are seeking an organizational wizard with a keen interest in board development and meetings with impact who will strengthen Reep’s Board of Directors in overseeing the work of our organization and fulfillment of our mission.

For more details about this opportunity including how to apply, please see the Board Development Coordinator Position Description.

ClimateActionWR Local Policy Researcher

We are seeking someone to work with the ClimateAction Plan Manager to develop content for the Policy Digest newsletter and analyze and advise on how local policy developments may impact our community Climate Action Plan. If you want to make real impact on climate action on a policy and governmental level, contact us!

For more details about this opportunity including how to apply, please see the ClimateActionWR Local Policy Researcher Position Description.

Reep Photographer

We are seeking someone to work with the Reep Team and with program participants to capture participants engaged in workshops, events, and hands-on activities at the Reep House, as well as energy and water upgrades being installed and Reep home or business audits in progress.

For more details about this opportunity including how to apply, please see the Reep Photographer Position Description.

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