Our Team

Executive Director
Mary Jane Patterson

Associate Director
Dave Blake
Climate Action Plan Manager
Katarina Milicic
Patrick Gilbride
Green Infrastructure Manager
Patrick Gilbride

Communications Manager
Donnique Williams
Brendan Schaefer
Reep House Facility Manager & IT Systems Consultant
Brendan Schaefer

HR and Office Coordinator
Faiza Nuru

In-Home Services & Customer Engagment
Alicia Parkin

RAIN Coach
Rebecca Robinson

80 by 50 Project Coordinator
Samantha Tremmel
Dianne G. Ritz

RAIN Expert Panel

Rob Bowers
Steve Brown
Todd Chapman
Nick Gollan
Mark Hartley
Janet Ivey
Leanne Lobe
Angela MacLean
Rob Tester
Jeff Thompson
Matt Wilson


Registered Energy Advisors:
Michael Gemmell
Bruce Mitchell
Brendan Schaefer
David Wood

RAIN Home Visit Water Guide:
Brendan Schaefer

Water Advisors:
Brendan Schaefer
David Wood

Reep Volunteers

Here are the passionate volunteers and consultants who generously give their time and commitment in support of our organization. They help us make positive environmental action happen in Waterloo Region every day!

Alumni Engagement
Green Infrastructure
Recruitment Lead
Megan GereghtyRaha MoradhaselLauren Smith Irfani AusriAnja KrsticLegal: Tom Jutzi, Dueck, Sauer, Jutzi & Noll
Valerie ChongRory Shiner
Depave Assistant
Shirley Xueyang Wang
Curriculum Development Assistants
Project Development & Funding Coordinators
Reep House
Multi-Residential Compost Service Coordinator
Pamela KisunJaime Stief Brenna BartleyKyra Chisholm
Brenton NaderLaura Stern
Waste Reduction/Management Researcher
Tingnan Bi
Natalie Garstka
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