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Service Providers and Product Suppliers List

Serving Waterloo Region

To assist you in having a RAIN Smart Home that manages the rain that falls on your property, Reep Green Solutions has compiled a list of local businesses that serve Waterloo Region as a starting point for researching your options.

Our listing of a service provider or product supplier is NOT a recommendation.

Here is the PDF version of this list.

Service Providers certify that they:
• hold all relevant licenses to perform the work they offer;
• hold liability insurance for at least $2 million;
• will comply with all applicable laws, standards and manufacturer’s instructions; and,
• will remove waste generated by the work done from your property.
Product Suppliers certify that they:
• possess all pertinent federal, provincial, and local licenses necessary to sell its products;
• will comply with all federal, provincial, and municipal codes, regulations and bylaws in the provision of materials and/or products;
• will adhere to ecological principles and strive to provide the best viable option for the customer; and,
• will fully indemnify REEP and all their program partners against any potential liability they may incur as a result of the negligent acts, errors or omissions by the Product Supplier.

Any company who meets these standards is welcome to apply for a listing.

RAIN Smart Homes

Service Providers and Product Suppliers

barrel circle- Rain Barrelspavement circle- Permeable Pavingbasement circle- Wet Basements
cistern circle- Cisternsgallery circle- Infiltration Galleriestree circle- Tree Services
garden circle- Rain Gardensroof circle- Green Rooftrough circle- Eaves Trough Cleaning

Service ProviderRain BarrelsCisternsRain GardensPermeable PavingInfiltration GalleriesGreen RoofWet BasementsTree ServicesEaves Trough CleaningOtherContact Information
Abelson Siding & Windows- Residential Eaves Trough - Installaion(519) 885-2222 K-W
(519) 621-1592 Cambridge
The Crack
RAIN checkmark(519) 746-6611
1 (866) 449-2228
EnduraHome Inc.RAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark(519) 822-9218
Ersman ConstructionRAIN checkmark(519) 830-9218
Flood Inc.- Flood Restoration
- General Contracting
(519) 886-7222
Helmutz Landscape & InterlockRAIN checkmark- Retaining Walls(519) 888-9536
Heritage StoneworksRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark- Rainwater Harvesting(519) 744-2261
HortiCraft Landscaping Inc.RAIN checkmark(519) 220-1300
Ingold Tree ServiceRAIN checkmark(519) 623-1566
Klearview Window Cleaners Ltd.RAIN checkmark(519) 743-0427 Kitchener
(519) 651-2927 Cambridge
1 (800) 305-7252
Moser Landscape GroupRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark(519) 886-9231
Native Plant SourceRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark(519) 748-2298
Pavestone Plus Ltd.RAIN checkmark- Rainwater Harvesting(519) 748-8034
Plane & SimpleRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark- Home Repair & Renovations(519) 575-9174
Quiet Nature Ltd.RAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark519-632-5218
TNT Property MaintenanceRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark- Bioswale(519) 895-0450
Wildlife GardeningRAIN checkmark(519) 532-3818



Product Suppliers & Nurseries

barrel circle- Rain Barrelsgarden circle- Rain Gardensgallery circle- Infiltration Galleries
cistern circle- Cisternspavement circle- Permeable Pavingroof circle- Green Roof
Product SupplierRain BarrelsCisternsRain GardensPermeable PavingInfiltration GalleriesGreen RoofOtherContact Information
Adams Landscape SuppliesRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark(519) 744-0151
Brubacher DrumsRAIN checkmark- Selection of used barretls and drums made
from plastic, steel, wood or fibre
(519) 664-2958
ECOShiftRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRainwater harvesting
products and parts
Native Plant SourceRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmark- First Flush Connection
- Custom Solutions
(519) 748-2298
Nith River Native PlantsRAIN checkmark- Landscape Planning(519) 831-0953
RainBarrel.caRAIN checkmark- Tanks
- Rain Barrel Parts & Supplies
(905) 545-5577
Unite Precast Ltd.RAIN checkmark- Large In-Ground Concrete Cisterns
- Complete Rain Harvesting Supplies
(519) 648-2101
1 (800) 265-2547
RTS PlasticsRAIN checkmark- Rain Harvesting Products and Parts
* Most products available at hardware stores.
Larger orders of $2500 or more can be
done at the their website
1 (800) 663-2803
Sedum MasterRAIN checkmark(519) 458-4061
1 (888) 458-4061
St. Jacobs Country GardensRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkRAIN checkmarkCarry storm crates to use in the construction of infiltration galleries and underground cisterns(519) 664-0404

More information about stormwater management

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