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RAIN Business Visit receives GCC Innovation Award 2015
Reep Green Solutions offers nationally recognized RAIN Business Visit consultations to commercial, institutional and multi-residential property owners. If you own or manage these types of properties in Kitchener or Waterloo you could be eligible for up to 45% credit on the stormwater portion of your utility bill. Non-residential credits are awarded for:

  • Quantity of stormwater diverted from the municipal system (up to 25% credit)
  • Quality of the stormwater entering the municipal system from your property (up to 15% credit)
  • Education (up to a 5% credit)

Our certified RAIN Business Visit guides conduct on-site assessments that will help your organization become  RAIN Smart! As part of the RAIN Business Visit you will receive a detailed report and in-person presentation that will identify existing and future potential for stormwater credits.

If you would like for a RAIN Business Visit, please contact [email protected] and we can give the details!

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