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How to qualify for an education credit

Non-school properties will receive a 5% stormwater education credit by attending one RAIN Educational Workshop and then taking the following steps:

1) Circulate the provided materials to the rest of your organization, either electronically or by posting in common areas.
2) Submit a certificate of participation and samples of distributed educational materials to your municipality.

RAIN Educational Workshops

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The RAIN Program offers educaRAIN logotional workshops to property owners, managers and employees about the benefits of managing stormwater onsite, how to adopt best management practices and how to apply for stormwater credits.

Participating in one RAIN Educational Workshop per year will qualify participating non-school property owners for a 5% annual stormwater education credit. School properties will be required to complete 4 hours of educational activities.

Workshops Available

Workshop Format and Requirements

Workshops are one hour in length and can be delivered at any place of business or at any institution. Priority will be given to organizations that can guarantee a minimum of 15 participants but exceptions can be requested. After attending a workshop you will receive a certificate of participation and 4 RAIN educational posters to circulate within your organization.

If your organization is interested in participating in a workshop please contact our Customer Service representative who will be in touch to arrange a convenient time and location to deliver the training.

Intro to RAIN and Stormwater Credits (Beginner)

This workshop provides an introduction to stormwater management and the credit systems in Kitchener and Waterloo. Participants are encouraged to attend this workshop before they participate in the intermediate level workshops.

  1. Identify the stormwater problem
  2. Brief history of stormwater utility and credits
  3. Best management practices at work and at home
  4. Stormwater credits at work and at home
Credit Application Case Studies (Intermediate)

This workshop provides more detailed information about stormwater management best practices and how to apply for credits by looking at relevant local case studies.

  1. Examination of what several local organizations have done to manage their stormwater
  2. What was their motivation for acting?
  3. What was their installation cost and estimated payback period? What are the ongoing operations needs and estimated maintenance costs?
  4. How did they apply and what supporting documentation did they need to receive stormwater credits?
  5. What credits did they receive and how were they calculated?
  6. Benefits to their organization
Stormwater Solutions for Your Site (Intermediate)

This workshop provides an overview of stormwater management best practices, and their suitability to various sites.

  1. Overview of stormwater management best practices eligible for credits, from least to most expensive
  2. Operations and maintenance requirements
  3. Overview of what credits you are most likely eligible for based on the age and type of your building(s)
  4. An overview of the application process for stormwater credits

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