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Rain Garden Coach

The Rain Garden Coach works with you to beautify your landscape and manage rain on your property. Receive one-on-one coaching that will help you to come up with a sustainable plan tailored for your outdoor space that incorporates ways to slow down rain and soak it up, using solutions such as rain gardens. The Rain Garden Coach offers ongoing support for people from an initial evaluation through to the landscape design and implementation phases, including resources on how best to maintain their new rain smart features.

What is a rain garden?

A rain garden collects water runoff from a roof and allows it to infiltrate into the ground. By building a rain garden, you can improve water quality in local streams and rivers and slow down rainfall that could cause flooding for people downstream (read more about the issue). Rain gardens can be planted with a variety of plants including shrubs and grasses and are designed to infiltrate and clean water. Native plants also help support local wildlife and are a benefit to the environment.

BOOK the Coach!

If you live in the City of Guelph you may be eligible to receive a complimentary visit from one of Reep Green Solutions’ Rain Garden Coaches and receive incentives for putting in a rain garden in 2019. Visit the City Guelph’s rain garden rebate program for more information.

Our Rain Garden Coaches

Rain Garden Coach - Adele PierreAdele Pierre
Landscape architect and ISA arborist, Adele Pierre leads an award winning design firm specializing in the creation of beautiful, low maintenance landscapes. Mindful of the effects of climate change on our natural systems, Adele incorporates native plantings in all projects to provide habitat for pollinators, build healthy soils and manage rainwater. Along with her husband, a musician and woodworker, she enjoys country life on 2 acres in Haldimand County with a large vegetable garden, laying hens, honey bees and an extensive collection of native flowering shrubs and perennials to feed the bees. Their honey, mead and honey beer are spectacular.
Rain Garden Coach - Becca RobinsonBecca Robinson
During her tenure with Reep Green Solutions, Becca has helped property owners make landscape changes that are more resilient to climate change. She has led the projects on both residential and civic properties, as well as facilitated workshops that help property owners to develop their own sustainable landscape plans. Becca received her Masters in Landscape Architecture from University of Michigan and has practiced in Detroit, Michigan and Edinburgh, Scotland prior to landing in Kitchener. She has a Masters of Landscape Architecture from University of Michigan and a B.S. in Environmental Science from University of North Carolina.


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