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Wise Water Use (Indoor)

High Efficiency Toilet


Why use six litres per flush when this ultraefficient toilet can do it with three? The toilet uses air pressure to achieve superior performance and features a compact and stylish design. Toilet consumption can account for 30% of total household water consumption and this unit will achieve a significant reduction.

Products and Donors: Ultra High-efficiency toilet a kind donation of Hennessy & Hinchcliffe (manufacturer) and Water Matrix (distributor)

Showerhead Display


Our interactive Showerhead Display demonstrates six high-efficiency showerheads to show the variety of styles and types of flow available.

New high-efficiency showerheads use as little as 4.5 litres of water per minute. Compare this to standard new showerheads which use on average 9.5 litres/min, or older models that use 19 litres/min or more, and you can see that the savings are significant.

A lower flow rate means that not only less water is used, but also that less energy is used because less water heating is needed. These important savings are achieved while maintaining strong water pressure and an enjoyable shower experience.

Products and Donors: High-efficiency showerheads a kind donation of Moen



The newest ENERGY STAR dishwashers use less water, soap, and energy than even frugal hand washing. The dishwasher at Reep House uses only 11 litres of water per load. Compare this to dishwashers built before 1994, which use at least 37 litres per load.

Products and Donors: Dishwasher with kind assistance of TA Appliance. Funding provided by Cambridge and North Dumfries HydroKitchener-Wilmot Hydro and Waterloo North Hydro.

Water Softener


Sodium chloride levels from salt are increasing in the environment and water softeners contribute to this problem.

The Region of Waterloo and the City of Guelph tested a variety of softeners to rate how much salt and water they use to do their job. The report and other information is available for homeowners who are considering purchasing a water softener through their Water Softener Facts website.

Using the Region of Waterloo Water Softener Report as a guide, we identified a model that used the lowest amount of water and salt of those available at the time. It also uses no electricity to operate.

Products and Donors: Water softener a kind donation of Crystal Clear Water Centres

Washing Machine

The newest washing machine models have come a long way. A new ENERGY STAR machine like this one uses one-sixth of the energy and half of the water of a standard 2001 model.

A total of 85 to 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is in fact used by the home’s water heater to provide hot water, and so one of the best energy saving techniques is to wash using cold water.

Products and Donors: Washing Machine with kind assistance of TA Appliance. Funding provided by Cambridge and North Dumfries HydroKitchener-Wilmot Hydro and Waterloo North Hydro.

Grey Water System


A grey water system captures, filters, treats and re-uses drain water from hand-washing sinks and showers.

The water is then recycled for toilet flushing, saving 30,000 litres of water per year for the average family and about $150 in water bills. If grey water systems were in every Canadian home, we could save billions of litres of water!

Products and Donors: Greywater system with kind assistance of Geoff Jones – ECOShift (system design) and Ben Polley – Evolve Builders Group (sourcing). Manufacturer: BRAC.


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