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Tips to Begin a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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Beginning a zero waste lifestyle doesn’t have to be a lot of work. People all over the world are taking action and many are discovering throughout the process, that with some planning, it can be very simple! There are many sources online to support you throughout the Zero Waste Challenge in Waterloo Region.

Below are some great online guides that individuals, like yourself, have successfully implemented:


And when it doubt! Just remember…

  • Refuse and instead purchase items that can be borrowed, rented, and repaired.
  • Reduce waste by saying no to excessive packaging (i.e. gift wrap).
  • Reuse by passing items along to others who may need them (i.e. donating).
  • Recycle items to save their value (i.e. batteries).
  • Rot the rest (i.e. composting)

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