Upcoming Events

  1. Is Renewable Energy for You? Installations, Investments and Retrofits for Anyone

    November 16 | 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
  2. The Good Green Death Project

    November 23 | 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Visit the Reep House for Sustainable Living

Why? To get inspired!

As a visitor to Reep House for Sustainable Living you will be empowered to have a positive impact on our environment by greening your home.

Reep House is a 100 year old home which has been completely renovated to exceed modern building standards while maintaining heritage value.

You will find working demonstrations of household energy-efficient and water management technologies. Also, see how reclaimed materials and natural landscaping can create unique design features in and outside of the home. Reep will help you connect with local suppliers and contractors and provide information about available grants and rebates.

Sustainable Living Series & Open House

We have a series of events to help you to learn to live more sustainably. Each features an expert presentation or panel discussion followed by an open house.

Reep House Series & Open House

We have a series of events highlighting the different ideas and technology found at the Reep House for Sustainable Living so you can consider them for your home. Find out about upcoming events. 

Group Tours


Tours can be arranged for groups of up to 25 people at a date and time of your choice. Tours are led by knowledgeable Reep staff and Certified Energy Advisors. We are interested in providing a focus and level of conversation that suits the needs of your group.

Tours are available for the following groups:

  • Students (high school, university, or college level)
  • Corporate groups
  • Professional Associations, groups, clubs, etc.

Group tour fee:

  • 2 hour tour provided by a knowledgeable Reep staff member: $200
  • 2 hour tour provided by one of Reep’s Certified Energy Advisor: $300

Contact us for further details and options, or if you have any questions.

A Hands-on Experience

As you walk around Reep House, you will have the chance to put your hands inside walls, analyse the competing data and quality of installed products, learn about the Reep House retrofit design strategy and ask plenty of questions. Reep House is all about helping you find solutions for improving your own home or building.

We explore the significance of insulating and sealing the envelope, look at options for improving the quality of your home’s heat and water use, and have a free-flowing discussion of some things we learned during the retrofitting process.

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